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We are specialised in manufacturing PE foam, air bubble and plastic bags/films.

    Plastic Bag/Films & Other packing supply

    Our Plastic Bags are classified into 2 kinds with different raw materials: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) and HDPE
    (High Density Polyethylene). Both materials serve similar functionality with only differences on appearance and softness.
    In comparison, LDPE Plastic Bag is more transparent and smooth while HDPE Plastic Bag is a little bit tend to white-
    transparent and stiff.

    Plastic Bags could present in various colours and sizes.

    We also provide the excellent various packaging solution such as: Opp tape, double side tape, strecth film and other packaging.

Plastic Bag/Films & Other packing supply

LDPE/HDPE Plastic Sheet


Other Packaging Supply

Other Packaging Supply


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